sarah snell ceramics


blue and white hand-built individual & 'one off' pieces


large porcelain hand-built berry bowl on legs £70.  ribbed porcelain bud/jug vase (sold).  pedestal cups £28 

Very special pieces that are tricky and slow to make, they are the ultimate in hand made.

There are many points during the making of these pieces that  need to be carefully monitored. The berry bowl needs constant attention during the drying process if cracking is to be avoided and adding the legs is very tricky too, you could easily end up with a wonky bowl or with the legs collapsing.

Likewise the jug-vase is ribbed and also has a tendency to want to crack along the ribs.

These technical trials means its all the more satisfying &  special when a pice makes it through the whole process intact.

All these pieces are dishwasher, microwave & food safe.