sarah snell ceramics


Lovely cheerful small flowers on a range of pots, vases, cups and jugs

small bud vase £42, large lily vase£98, mini jug £22, share cups £28, tall milk jug £28, small rocking bud vase £28, large rocking bud vase £42, large water jug/vase – to order £70

available in multicoloured blossoms or orange/grey blossoms.

Lily vases & tall bud vases are hand built in porcelain.

Cups, jugs and rocking pots are thrown on my wheel and then altered by hand with the cups being cut and shaped to allow a distinctive square bottom. 

This is a labour intensive process, but I love making these, each one is very slightly different and has its own personality.

All decoration is hand drawn, with underglaze pattern additions. Finished inside with a glossy clear glaze. cups are glazed inside & out.

cups hold around 200ml. 

cup £28

tall lily vase £98

tall bud vase £42

large rocking bud vase £42

small rocking bud vase £28

mini jug £22

milk jug £28

large water jug £70

water beaker £ 22

cakeplate £65

cakestand £70

all items are microwavable, and all except except cake stand are dishwasher proof.